Presurgical psychological assessments are requested by surgeons in order to help prepare people to achieve maximum success with their medical treatment. 

Weight loss surgery is a life-changing procedure that can help you achieve major improvements in health, energy, and lifestyle. The change can be so drastic that patients need to be well-prepared psychologically to achieve and sustain maximum success and health. A psychological assessment helps you and your doctor better understand your particular history and personality. Assessment helps you to create a plan for success.

Pain management devices like spinal cord stimulators can offer a means of caring for chronic pain in a way that medication and other methods cannot. A psychological assessment will help you and your doctor create a plan to prepare for the procedure and to follow up to get maximum improvement in your quality of life.


Most referrals for come to us from neurologists and primary care doctor, but also attorneys, individuals and families. Neuropsychological assessments allow our psychologists to diagnose and set a plan for treatment of problems that interfere with work, school, and everyday life.

We assess adults of all ages, most often older adults because of concerns about memory and/or dementia.

We assess children and adolescents age 6 and older. Most often we are asked about problems with ADD/ADHD and/or academic problems related to reading (dyslexia) or math. We have specialists who assess for Autism as well.

All neuropsychological assessments include a personal meeting for feedback with the psychologist who will spend as much time as it takes to explain the test results and recommendations. Family are encouraged to participate in the feedback sessions.

Assessment by a licensed psychologist is a careful process that includes personal interview, standardized tests, and careful review of records. Each assessment is focused on the individual person. There is no one test to diagnose ADD or Alzheimers or any condition. Individual circumstances must be considered in order to make the best diagnosis possible. 

Many parents are concerned about having their children misdiagnosed and given medicine that they don't need. A careful assessment is a good way to be sure that your child gets the best possible treatment.

Most assessments are covered by health insurance and we accept most plans. Our office staff will verify coverage before your first appointment.

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