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Our Mission is to help you reach your goals. We believe that knowledge is power and there is no better way to gain knowledge than to work together. The Club for Success gives you online and in-person seminars that are focused on the obstacles that we see the most. Your membership gives you easy access to all of our tools.

About us

We are a team of doctoral level, licensed psychologists and other clinicians who are committed to applying psychology in a relationship-based model. We believe that improvement is most likely in the context of an ongoing relationship. Careful assessment leads to more successful treatment. The body and mind are linked and psychological assessment and intervention are critically important factors in successful treatment for many physical illnesses. 

We work closely with doctors, staff, and patients on an ongoing basis. We believe that an integrated care model that establishes a relationship from the start and sticks with you throughout your journey is much more effective than a fee-for-service model that only brings in psychology when there is a problem.


Workshops & Groups

Workshops are 1-time events that are led by a psychologist. Participating in a workshop will give you information and a chance to ask questions about different topics. You will come away with better confidence about how to better accomplish your goals. Many people will want to use the workshop as a starting place and then move into a more in-depth group format.

Groups are more interactive, with a smaller size and with more opportunities to ask questions and share your own experiences. The learning in groups happens over a set number of sessions. Participants are expected to attend all sessions in order to gain the full benefit. Like workshops, groups are educational and potentially transformative. 

      Aggression Replacement Training Group

Eboney Jackson, Ph.D., a Licensed Psychologist with extensive experience in working with adolescents, is offering a group for adolescents with antisocial behaviors/thinking or conduct problems. 

This group is based upon a well-established, cognitive-behavioral, psychoeducational model developed by Arnold P. Goldstein, PhD, founder of the Center for Research on Aggression. Members will be provided training in moral reasoning, anger management/correction of thinking errors, and prosocial skills through the use of role-modeling, feedback, and practice procedures. This group is highly interactive and members are encouraged to lead discussions; therefore, members must be oriented to reality and have a reasonably high level of functioning in order to benefit from the group. Members actively engaging in antisocial behaviors (e.g. bullying, verbal aggression towards others, physical aggression, etc.) or other disruptive behaviors will be asked to leave for a session. Those whose behaviors continue to hinder the group process will not be allowed to continue in the group.

We are enrolling now for a Monday evening group starting January 25, 2016 that will run from 7-8p.m. Age range is 14 to 16. The fee is $50 per session. We are limiting the group size to 10. The group is time-limited and lasts for 12 weeks. Members are asked to commit to the full 12 week program. There are no drop-ins but we do plan to start additional groups as needed to meet demand. Interested parents/guardians can call 210-699-8700 to enroll.

Introduction to weight loss

This presentation is an introduction to the psychological factors involved in successful weight loss. 

Introduction to Pain Management

This workshop is all about mind over matter. Learn specific techniques for managing your pain, as well as general principles of pain management that will help you and your loved ones adapt to your condition and improve your overall activity and life satisfaction.

Upcoming events

No events available

Past events

02 Feb 2016 Smoking Cessation Group
05 Jan 2016 Managing Pain Workshop

Join the Club

The club is based upon the idea that you will benefit most from an ongoing relationship with the psychology team. You will pay an initial registration fee and then a small monthly fee for a year. As a member of the club you will have access to online and in-person educational events to promote your success. Our curriculum is constantly growing so check back regularly.


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