• 08 Aug 2019 8:37 AM | Russel Thompson (Administrator)

    Here is a link to the presentation Helping you child cope with ADD/ADHD given at the iCare 2019 conference by Russel Thompson, PhD and Sarah Moehrig, MSCP, LPA.

  • 22 Mar 2017 7:31 AM | Russel Thompson (Administrator)

    This is an unsolicited and unpaid recommendation for divorced or separated families negotiating separate homes and schedules. Check out

    It is a paid resource but potentially very helpful to improve communication and reduce conflict.

  • 30 Oct 2015 7:44 AM | Russel Thompson (Administrator)

    We are pleased to announce our partnership with the Texas Center for Medical and Surgical Weight Loss. The Club for Success provides psychologically informed assessment and intervention in concert with the rest of the medical team. We have worked with Dr. Cavazos and other physicians, nutritionists and the rest of their support team to tailor a psychological support system. We strongly believe that our ongoing relationship will add to the power of their life-changing interventions.

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